Be who you are

Buenos dias from Perú again!

After spending an awesome time in Chile (Santiago/Viña Del Mar/Valparaíso) with a friend of mine and visiting Mendoza in Argentina for a few days – amazing wine by the way- I flew back to La Paz/Bolivia to get to know magical places such as Lago Titicaca and the marvelous city of Cusco.

I am still processing all the incredible experiences of the last few days, that is why it took some more time than usual to work on this post. Machupicchu alone is an experience that will still take a considerable amount of processing time. This site of an Incan ancient city, almost up in the sky, is simply hard to describe in a few words and cannot be captured in photos. It wants to be experienced and inhaled. 

What I was observing the last few days is that the more I start revealing my own true self, the more people I attract that share a similar mindset or view of life. I found that at home I tend to hide. Over the years I got used to put on masks in order to prevent people from seeing my own true self or getting to know my thoughts. I simply felt more confident not to be seen completely.

On this trip I am willing to let new people in and let them know me without any masks. I never liked „wearing“ these types of masks anyway (and never felt like I am able to use them properly) but in the daily work life carrying some type of mask is often the only way to get by.

Showing your true self, however, is such a rewarding and liberating experience. It may be tough at first, because it makes you feel more vulnerable. But articulating my thoughts and feelings more openly is indeed making me feel stronger. I am speaking my truth and this feels really empowering.

The following quote – which I stumbled upon recently – also underlines this string of thoughts perfectly „Be who you are and say what you feel, because in the end those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter“ (Theodor Seuss Geisel). 

Meeting so many new people allowed me to practice showing my true self and being more vulnerable. And it does not matter if these new friends are from different countries with distinct cultures and upbringings. In my mind we generally all strive for the same things, on the top of this list for sure are love, validation and security.

The way of approaching to achieve these goals may be different but the desires are still the same. And if you manage to look past these superficial things, it is easy to relate and to be understanding. 

I got to know fascinating people in the last few weeks and I am really grateful that I got to take a bit of everyone with me and that it was through them that this valuable lesson was revealed to me. 

So as a song of one of my favorite bands (The Kooks) goes „Be who you are“. 

Saludos de Mancora (north of Peru), 




Wenn Du nicht bereit bist, Dein Leben zu ändern, kann Dir nicht geholfen werden.

— (Hippokrates)