Don’t cry that it’s over, smile because it happened!

As I am writing down these thoughts I am sitting at this wonderful white sandy beach on the island of San Andrés in the Caribbean. 

In a few days my awesome trip through South America will be over. Thinking that in just one week I will be back at home is weird. 

I had so many incredible experiences on this trip. From exhilaratingly funny to unbelievably wild ones. So it is time to draw conclusions now:

One of the main conclusions is that in future I will enjoy every day a bit more. Because a new day is actually a new adventure in what we call our lives. 

What I learned from the many South American people I got to know during this trip is that you are supposed to enjoy every moment. And also, that plans can change. While this manner of approaching things may at first be hard to accustom to at the beginning, I started to see the point in that. 

For example, usually I have a day plan and stick to it. Even though it may not feel that enjoyable or right in the moment. I found that for me in such situations it is wise to loosen up in future and allow myself to change my mind or my day plans. Because life actually wants to be enjoyed. Even in the work context it is sometimes wise to switch some agenda points, because on some days we are e.g. more creative than on others. 

Another finding I take home with me is to relax more, to be less tense as we Europeans often tend to be. Because only if we are relaxed we make the right decisions. And being tense does actually also harm our bodies. 

Another side of me I discovered is that I have a strong, trustworthy intuition. I feel a lot of confidence, as the many encounters I had during the last weeks contributed to making me feel stronger and trusting my instincts even more than before. For example, deciding to go to Colombia earlier than planned really paid off because I got to enjoy the last few weeks in awesome company and I am glad I trusted my instincts on that.

Furthermore, I gathered a lot of feedback with regards to my personality. I really enjoyed that people talk so openly and let you know what they think. It showed me that being more outgoing and open is totally worth it. Turning my light on, which I sometimes tend to forget at home, really feels liberating.

And I realized that when I start to be who I am and shine my light, everybody in my surroundings is sending rays of sunshine at me as well. 

Once more I realized that you cannot be everbody’s darling and I do not want to be. I may have different views as how I would like to live my life. And that is okay. It is my life and my family and loved ones accept me for who I am.

As it was my goal during this trip to get to know myself better I can happily say that I return feeling strong and confident about who I am and what I want to do in future. I got to know many different layers of my personality and got rid of the ones that do not serve my anymore. There have not been only easy and fun days on this trip, but looking back I have to say that the days that felt tough or even sad brought about a fundamental change in my thinking and my ways. I am really grateful for them.

I am sure that in the upcoming weeks upon my return many more reflections are about to come.

Even though I fly home with a heavy heart – because leaving South America is always hard for me- I look forward to work on my projects with high energy to pursue my dreams. 

We have one life (at least that we know of right now), so let’s make the best of it and shine our light. 

América Latina, gracias por ser tan lindo y por recibirme con tanto cariño! Te voy a echar de menos pero nos vemos lo antes posible. No es un adiós, es solo un hasta pronto! Te adoro! 

I know that South America, especially the many friends I made here, are very close to my heart and that I am back as soon as I can.



Wer werden will, was er sein sollte, der muss lassen, was er jetzt ist.

— (Meister Eckhart)