Not all class rooms have four walls

If I had to describe my last few days with one word, I definitely would pick adventure. I spent lovely days in La Paz getting to know this beautiful city and its surroundings. My trip to the Amazon (Rurrenabaque/Bolivia) was unforgettable,  packed with incredible experiences and left me in awe with what our beautiful planet has to offer. In addition, my tour through the south of Bolivia/Salar de Uyuni (Salt Desert), was incredibly impressive.

I still cannot believe that in just more than one week I got to know so many different landscapes, so many wunderful people and their different lifestyles.

As unforeseen things, however, also form part of the travel experience I had to cope with some very adventurous (partly also dangerous) stuff. Due to heavy rainfalls parts of the Bolivian roads crossing the border to Chile were destroyed and many people got stuck for days not being able to move.

These rainfalls also affected my travel plans and my tour group got stuck for many hours in the Atacama desert, in the middle of nowhere, without food and water. It would have been really easy to get upset or lose your nerve, but this attitude would have only made it worse. 

I feel really lucky because I got to know two wunderful human beings during this trip and being stuck in this adventure together, really made a great difference. Instead of us being upset and angry, we chose to make the best out of this situation. We kept going, did not stop trying to find solutions (attempting to find a way to make it to the closest town) and helped to clean up the roads.

These adventurous last few days really showed me that it is never the situation that is at fault, it is the way you chose to view it. Being without water and food for a long time in a situation like this was of course not a fun thing, but we never lost our sense of humor and chose to consider it as an unforgettable life experience instead. 

I am really thankful that we escaped this situation unharmed and that in the end everything worked out fine. What I take with me is that it is better to focus on the lesson than on the problem and that lessons are really everywhere, it is on you to find them. 

I am currently in Santiago de Chile and look forward to enjoy the lovely summer weather here the upcoming week. 

Abrazos de Chile,


Was immer Du kannst, beginne es. Beginne JETZT.

— (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)