Travel mindset: activated!

Hola from Lima/Peru! 

I arrived safely and the fact that Lima welcomed me with about 30 degrees Celsius immediately put a smile on my face. 

I spent the last days exploring this awesome city. I joined free walking tours in the city center and the Barranco district (highly recommendable!) and got to know so many wunderful travellers and their experiences.

Getting the travel mindset activated 

What I was reflecting on the last few days is that my brain is still in the “planning” mode. It is still in the process of thinking about the upcoming days and challenges. For example like: How do I get to the bus station safely? Where will I be staying next?

By talking to fellow travellers I noticed that this seems to be a typical tendency at the beginning. Later on you start to realize that there is no point in planning more than a few days ahead or worrying too much. This is one of the reasons why travelling is a perfect opportunity for me to stop overthinking things and to enjoy being the moment instead!

Turns out I even chose the perfect continent for “being in the moment”. It is actually what I most admire about the Latin American culture. Being able to stay in the moment and not to think too much about tomorrow. 

The graffiti painting in Barranco illustrated in the picture above is reflecting this mindset as well. “Pensar con el corazón” – thinking with the heart (instead of the head). I chose this saying to be my mantra for the upcoming days and had a great start yesterday by giving away some leftovers of my delicious “arroz con mariscos” to a starving woman in the street.


We all know the feeling of being stuck in our own heads and being caught in loops thinking about a particular event over and over. We often analyze certain situations into the ground up to a point where we cannot make a decision anymore. At least, I often do. The only solution here is to get out of the “thinking loop” and move on.

Taking action or directing the attention elsewhere is very helpful for me. As I got to know so many wunderful souls the last few days, I realized that even though we may all lead different lives we have similar challenges. This realization brought me piece of mind and I started to let go and enjoy myself! So I can proudly say that my travel mindset has been activated.

In a couple of hours I am travelling to La Paz/Bolivia, which will be my home for the next days. This, however, is no goodbye to Peru, I will be back some time in February to explore the rest of the country in more detail! Hasta luego Peru!

Abrazos de Lima, 


Was immer du tun kannst oder träumst es zu können,fang damit an.

— (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)